We're Danielle and Sabine Keil, a daughter-in-law/mother-in-law team
living in beautiful Hope, British Columbia, Canada.
We share a desire to create and a passion for natural living.

I became interested in essential oils and the therapeutic benefits when my children were born. Over time I was inspired to combine this interest with Sabine's talent as a potter. Just like that, Mountainview Essentials was born!

Since early 2017, we've been creating unique pottery pieces, hand poured soy candles and natural perfumes. We believe that Mother Nature has the best to offer which is why we use only pure essential oils to scent our products. It's also why we strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible. (Please repurpose your pottery once the candle is gone or contact me for a refill!)

Your wellbeing is important to us and that's why all of our products are created specifically with you and your family in mind. Scent your home & nourish your soul with products that are made with love & 100% essential oil goodness.

P.S. The Mountainview brand is growing! My husband & I are currently working on opening Mountainview Brewing Co. in Hope, BC. We expect the brewery to be open by the end of 2019.